Resistance Bands


The 4-Band Resistance Band Package is designed for a variety of exercises and movements and will make for a great addition to your own gym, health club, physical therapy clinic, or personal collection of fitness equipment. These bands take up virtually no space and can be used for plenty of different exercises, at home or on the go. We carry sets of four and five, and each band offers a different amount of resistance. These pull up assist bands are great for building up the strength needed to perform more challenging exercises.

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Resistance Bands can be used on their own for various push and pull exercises – from bicep curls to shoulder presses to chest flies and beyond! They can be added to barbell routines to add variable resistances and challenge your balance during bench presses, squats, and presses. They are perfect for pilates, stretching, physical therapy rehabilitation, and any strength or toning routine you are working on.

These bands are tough and durable. Plus, they allow you to get better, faster, & stronger while taking up very little space! These bands are a perfect addition to any home or commercial gym and provide the best gains for your buck!